CCEA Review of Standards


UPDATE - December 2015

To provide input in the second round of consultation in the review of the CCEA educational standards and competency standards,
please view our draft standards.


The Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia Ltd (CCEA) is reviewing the two sets of Standards relevant to its accreditation and assessment functions:

The review will be overseen by a Steering Committee chaired by Emeritus Professor Stefan Pallister; other members are Professor Don Byrne, Dr Peter Cowie, Dr Rosemary Giuriato, Ms Maria Keys, Dr Jo-Anne Maire, Dr Michael Shobbrook and Dr Mick Webb.

The process will involve wide-ranging stakeholder engagement and consultation, and will progress over 12-18 months through to March/April 2016.

Appointment of consultant

CCEA is pleased to announce that Ms Amanda Adrian (LLB (UNSW), BA (UNE), RN, RACN) has been appointed as the consultant for the review.

Ms Adrian has many years’ experience in the health industry in accreditation, management, safety and quality improvement in healthcare, nursing, policy development and review, education, law and regulation, and policy and ethics in healthcare. 

She is currently the Principal, Amanda Adrian and Associates. Prior to this she held the position of Chief Executive Officer, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (2010-2014). She has also held the role of Health Care Complaints Commissioner in NSW, as well as a number of Senior officer and manager roles in the NSW Department of Health.

Key milestones for the review

CCEA would like to advise stakeholders that consultation periods for this review are planned as follows:

  • First Round Consultation. At the end of May 2015, a consultation paper will be released that poses consultation questions, in order to guide the preparation of initial drafts of the Accreditation Standards and Competencies. Facilitated consultation workshops will be held in mid to late June 2015 in Perth, Sydney and Auckland. Feedback can also be provided through an online survey and written submissions. 
  • Second Round Consultation. Based on the environmental and literature review and consultation feedback received in the first round of consultation, first drafts of the Accreditation Standards and Competencies will be prepared and released for consultation towards the end of 2015. Feedback can be provided through an online survey and written submissions.
  • Summative forum. A summative forum is tentatively being planned for late January/early February 2016 to discuss the feedback from the second round consultation, particularly if there are unresolved issues remaining.

First round consultation - COMPLETED

A consultation paper was released in May 2015 that proposed a number of key areas for consideration by stakeholders, and poses a number of questions. To download paper, click here.

Feedback was provided through:

  • an online survey
  • formal written submissions
  • attendance at a consultation workshop.

Consultation workshops to inform the review were held:

  • Friday 12 June (Murdoch University, Perth)
  • Monday 29 June (NZCC, Auckland)
  • Friday 3 July (Pullman Sydney Hyde Park, Sydney)

Second round consultation - NOW CLOSED

First drafts of the educational standards and competency standards have been prepared based on current evidence, expert opinion and stakeholder feedback. To download these draft standards, click here.

CCEA has a strong desire to engage with practising chiropractors, chiropractic educators and academics, students, regulators, the community at large, the other health professions and other key stakeholders with an interest in competent chiropractors providing safe, ethical chiropractic care.

Stakeholder input is critical to this process and can be provided through formal written submissions. These should be submitted by email to the CCEA Executive Officer by COB 5 February 2016.