About accreditation

Program accreditation

Program accreditation is a multi-level process which aims to evaluate and continuously improve educational effectiveness based on firstly self-evaluation by the relevant program followed by verification and validation by the Council.

The CCEA undertakes the accreditation function by:

  • Developing Accreditation Standards for Chiropractic Programs and Competency Standards for Graduating Chiropractors (“Standards”) which set out the accreditation process for review and evaluation of Programs. These Standards emphasise the use of outcomes assessment measures and detail the Criteria for Accreditation which establish the minimum education expected to be received by students who are studying to be primary health care clinicians.
  • Maintaining an Accreditation Committee. The Accreditation Committee is responsible for interpreting the Standards, implementing the process of accreditation and certifying the quality and integrity of Australasian Chiropractic Programs through the evaluation of their compliance with the Criteria for Accreditation. The Accreditation Committee also provides recommendations to Chiropractic Programs on issues of effectiveness and program quality.

The purpose of the accreditation process is to determine that chiropractic programs:

  • have a clearly defined mission and goals consistent with the Foreword of the Standards, with educationally-appropriate objectives;
  • maintain conditions under which the achievement of these objectives can reasonably be expected;
  • are in fact achieving these objectives substantially; and
  • can be expected to continue to achieve these objectives in the future.

In order to enhance a Chiropractic Program’s effectiveness, the Accreditation Committee will:

  • encourage improvement through continuous self study and review; and
  • provide counsel and assistance to established and developing Chiropractic Programs.

Accreditation Committee

The role of the Accreditation Committee is to assess chiropractic educational programs and the capacity of the teaching university offering the award to do so according to specified standards.

The Accreditation Committee considers not only the curriculum and the delivery of education, but also the ability of the program to ensure quality outcomes, the resources available and the performance of graduates.

A program seeking accreditation is required to provide the Accreditation Committee with a Self-Evaluation Report addressing the required Standards as set out in the Accreditation Standards for Chiropractic Programs and Competency Standards for Graduating Chiropractors. Programs are expected to utilise the Accreditation Guidelines for Chiropractic Programs in order to complete their Self-Evaluation Report.

The Accreditation Committee will appoint an Inspection Team which includes academics, practitioners and laypersons. The Inspection Team is responsible for undertaking a comprehensive review of the program while on a five (5) day site visit. The Inspection Team will then prepare a report for consideration by the Accreditation Committee.

The Accreditation Committee will then make a recommendation to the Council for accreditation or otherwise.